Your event quickly built

See how quick and easy it is to create an event app.

You only need to follow 4 steps

We have taken care to include only the steps that are truly necessary to make the process even faster!

Step 1

Drag the sections

Make it your own. Drag and drop the sections that will organize the event content.

Step 2

Add the content

Adding event content is very simple and quick. You can add it gradually.

Step 3

See how it's looking

As you fill in the content, check out how it looks on your phone screen.

Step 4

Now just publish!

Publish your event and change the content whenever you want!
Check the stores deadlines below:


Evenbiz App

Here your event on our app is published instantaneously, as it doesn't need to go through any store review. It's as simple as that: you click to publish and then your event is ready to be shared!

7 to 14 days

Whitelabel App

Stores take 7 to 14 days to complete the publishing process. Usually, it has taken half the time. As soon as store reviews are done, you'll receive the links to start sharing!