How Gouvêa de Souza elevated the delegation's experience with us


About NRF Retail's Big Show

The NRF Retail's Big Show, the largest and most traditional retail event in the world, takes place annually in New York City, which in this edition had 40,000 participants. The event brings all the news about technology and solutions for retail, which could be appreciated by the delegation, composed of 230 members.




New York, USA




310+ interactions


Keep all participants connected

As the delegation attended an event with the size and importance of NRF Retail's Big Show, there was a need to centralize all relevant information in one place, such as the schedule, lecture times, among others, being easily accessible to those present. In addition, it was also important that reservations for the times were also automatically controlled by the app, avoiding duplication or use of spreadsheets.

“We needed a tool that would concentrate all content related to the event, as well as enable booking of stand visits' times. Both the app and Evenbiz's team support definitely did what we wanted, exceeding our expectations.”

Joce Sasnauskas
Executive Director, GS&MD

Managing the event without paper use

To give the highest satisfaction to the group of participants, the app was delivered containing all the necessary schedule to follow the itinerary of visit and learning. In the app, four times were made available that could be chosen by the participants, thus also being accompanied by the delegation organizers, being possible to go through the fair, knowing its stands and lectures. Thus, in addition to facilitating and improving participants' experience, the app helped in the organization and control of how many people should be present and at what times, making life easier for the responsible staff.

In the end, all these features together resulted in a fundamental tool, because with the use of it, no physical artifacts were needed, in addition to the cell phone itself. With this, all information was easily accessible, so that all involved could focus on the event in the most immersed way possible.

Monitoring of the reservation made by the participants brought a level of ease never seen before by the organization.

The app sent push notifications and provided presentation materials used in lectures.