How Latam Retail Show enhanced its engagement and networking methods


About Latam Retail Show

Latam Retail Show is the most comprehensive retail and consumer event in Latin America. The 2019 edition took place from August 27th to 29th at Expo Center Norte in São Paulo's capital. The event featured various attractions and had an audience of over 14,000 participants. It was three intense days of a lot of information, debates, lectures, and networking.




São Paulo, Brazil




1100+ interactions


Multiple simultaneous lectures happening

Due to the size and diversification of the attending audience, it was essential to have an app area that could segment the 2 types of audiences: Expo and Congress, side by side. Contents regarding the schedule, map, speakers, among others, were available in the same app, according to the chosen audience.

As the venue for the Latam Retail Show was Expo Center Norte, and as this is known to have 5 pavilions, totaling approximately 76,000m², it was necessary to build an interactive map containing all exhibitors and stands, making it easier for participants to move around.

“We were looking for an intuitive application that would enhance connection among participants. Through the app's private social network, we not only increased connection but also broke the engagement record compared to the previous year!”

Leandro Hamabata
Marketing Analyst, Gouvêa de Souza

Managing two event audiences in one app

As the event had two types of audiences and because of this, the schedule and space were different, it was necessary to divide the app internally into Expo and Congress. Known for being a very dynamic event, with content happening constantly and simultaneously, the organization highlighted the most relevant content. And this was done through Stories, which served not only as a dissemination medium but also allowed participants to 'swipe up' and see more details about the content, achieving the organizer's goal.

The interactive map was crucial for guiding the public to the expo area stands.

The app sent push notifications to notify the start of lectures and autograph sessions.

The event's stories facilitated access to news and staff messages.

The wall helped break the engagement record among participants.