How the App facilitated communication among participants of China 360º


About China 360º Experience

The China 360º program arose from the need to showcase innovations and trends from China, given that it is a technology reference country with a highly competitive market, allowing the group to apply all knowledge gained in their field of activity. To carry out this itinerary, a strategic curation was created involving visits to relevant established companies to learn about various business models, as well as unique experiences.


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Maintain conversations and notifications despite China's access restrictions

Due to the itinerary having a schedule containing various activities, it was necessary to facilitate communication between participants and event curators. In addition to communication, another important factor was to keep the agenda extremely updated, so that participants could better plan and make the most of all visits. It was essential to keep all app content available offline, especially considering usage in locations without internet access.

“Evenbiz knew how to meet our demand and priority, as it was necessary to keep the delegation's agenda extremely updated during the event, facilitating the organization of our activities and optimizing our time.”

Marcelo Toledo
CEO, Gouvêa de Souza

App functioning even without internet connection

With the aim of making communication efficient, a private chat was made available in the App, considering that common communication channels (WhatsApp and Telegram, for example) are restricted and blocked in China. This ensured smooth communication between participants and the delegation.

With a schedule full of activities, it was necessary to have an impeccable agenda so that the group could organize for their daily activities, such as visits to innovative companies and participation in events like Chinashop and Single's Day. To keep the group informed about activities, push notifications were sent throughout the day.

The app's private chat solved communication limitations in Chinese territory.

The app sent push notifications as reminders.